The false god of sex - Genesis 29:1-30

July 18, 2021 Speaker: Joel Scott Series: Battleground: The War that Wages Within

Topic: Battleground: The War that Wages Within Passage: Genesis 29:1–30, Genesis 2:24, Mark 12:30

The god of sex is expensive.

12 times the words serve, work, and earn are used. These words point to the expense incurred in Jacob’s pursuit.


Pornography Usage

70% of men view porn regularly.

33% of women view porn regularly.


The Costs of Pornography


2.Destroys Healthy Intimacy


1.The god of sex is expensive.

2.The god of sex dehumanizes people.

3.The false god of sex fails to deliver what it promises.


The unhealthy pursuit of intimacy will always fail you

How Deep Idols Connect to Sex 


“If someone will have me then that means I’m truly loveable.”

Sex is a gateway for deeper love and acceptance.



-The chase and catch satisfies.

-The other person will do anything

- Some spouses hold sex over their spouse as a way to manipulate or control.



Sex is a tool to get physical or financial protection.

“I’ll give my body (or marry this person) in order to be safe.”



“It just feels good and that drives me.”

  It’s all about how I feel.


God desires us to learn that sex is good, while reminding us that there are things that are more important than sex.  He desires us to experience pleasure without making pleasure the idol of our existence.

He wants us to learn that sex can season our lives while also realizing that sex will never fully nourish our souls. 

-Gary Thomas, Sacred Marriage


Resources For Healing


  (virtual support groups)

  • Spiritual Direction (
  • Licensed Therapy (

Resources Learning and Intimacy

  • Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
  • Forever and Always by Tracy and Tracy


Resources For Singleness

  • The Ultimate Guide to Christian Singleness by Ballenger
  • Real Sex: the Naked Truth about Chasity by Winner


Resources For Parents

  • God’s Design for Sex series

        (age appropriate resources)


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