The false god of approval - Galatians 2:11-14

July 4, 2021 Speaker: Joel Scott Series: Battleground: The War that Wages Within

Topic: Battleground: The War that Wages Within Passage: Mark 12:30, Galatians 2:11–14,

False gods always lead to unhealthy behavior

Idolatry is always rooted in a lie. My self-worth is dependent upon the love and approval of others.


Self-worth = my performance + other’s opinion

Does fear of rejection drive you?

10 finger diagnostic

  1. I often avoid certain people.
  2. When I sense that someone might reject me, I become nervous and anxious.

  3. I am uncomfortable around those who are different from me.
  4. It bothers me when someone is unfriendly to me.
  5. I am basically shy and unsocial.
  6. I find myself trying to impress others.
  7. I become depressed when someone criticizes me.
  8. I always try to determine what people think of me.
  9. When someone doesn’t verbally affirm what I have done, I become downcast.
  10. If I’m honest, my social media likeability matters to me … a lot.

Dethroning Approval

  1. Rehearse your true identity
  2. Practice the spiritual habit of secrecy

Practicing hiddenness or being anonymous in our pursuit of being like Jesus.

(Philippians 2:3, John 3:30, Matthew 6:6)

Practicing secrecy

  1. Find an act of service that you can render without letting anyone know what you have done.
  2. In conversations with others, refrain from telling them what you know.
  3. Consecrate intimate moments of your walk with God to him alone; if there is a scripture which really speaks to you one day. Treasure the experience with God. Don’t tell anyone.
  4. Pick up some prayer requests that you can regularly talk to God about and don’t share them with anyone else. Just God.


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